Cinemahead began in 2001 as a one-person film company after the first festival screening of my short film “Czar Of Make Believe” starring Mark Borchard and Kirill Mikhanovsky. The audience at the Siena festival in Italy, during  the Q&A was particularly curious about how the film was made. Most questions were inquiries into my process, the structure and the layers of the story.

“You mixed fact and fiction and dream, we can’t tell them apart, like time and space. And why so many different languages? Who was your intended audience, who was this movie for?”

To that last question I answered without hesitation: I made this movie for you. I made it so each person could spend useful time inside this short story. The Cinemahead workshop was born that same day, because the Q&A was moved to a nearby room to make space for the next film *Life in the Fog* ( which won the festival). I knew my 16mm  film inside out:  I made it with my own hands.


Soon after I held the first Cinemahead workshop in Los Angeles.  That  cinematic conversation with makers of stories and films is ongoing, and the personal, small, handmade movie-making has not only never stopped, but it keeps growing and traveling – to this day.

For over 15 years Cinemahead seminars and workshops have spread mostly by word of mouth. Inspired makers turn their friends on to a practical approach to good story design, simple films that work. The creative tools and resources we use are not abstract, but practical.

As a university film and screenplay teacher, I started Theory-Practice programs, showing that  the making of a film has an intellectual standing equal to the theoretical work of writing about films- At the same time, I encourage filmmakers and story-designers to study watch and read the grammar of film and scriptwriting.


At Cinemahead we continue to evolve our goals: A) to share original content resources with film-makers, producers, students and apprentices. B) to collaborate with companies and organisations on story and film projects. We are among the founders of the Youth Cinema platform, supporting short-film collaborations all over the world.

We love to partner with innovation leaders and develop synergies on story-based collaboration platforms, with schools and businesses as well as film and media producers.

Danny Alegi


founder @ CINEMAHEAD