The Cinemahead Workshop: : Practice your storytelling

What happens next?  Are your characters flat, predictible puppets? Does your story matter? Does it work?

In every  Cinemahead workshop Danny Alegi’sreveals his award-winning development processes. Danny inspires participants with a wealth of powerful story design resources, which are as intuitive as they are insightful. 

  • Scriptonite, based on a deep understanding of both story structure and the way emotional conflict affects human relationships.   As a storyteller,  filmmaker, producer or  actor, you will benefit from this original, practical approach to story design.
  • the Story Different module is of use in particular to teachers of storytelling, media or film, as it includes further exploration of how to choose a story that matters for development and production.
  • As a business storyteller, explore the Start-Up your story workshop module as well. To tell a story that cannot be separated from your product of platform is very different from creating a TV ad campaign. A key skill for storytellers seeking an interactive, conversational relationship with their fans .

Danny shows you how to develop every  psychological idea into a full sequence of behaviors. Rather than guessing what would be cool to see, the Scriptonite practice transforms story development systematically and beat by beat,. You learn to spend quality and quantity time with your characters, scene by scene. Danny’s know-how inspired many storytellers to better understand what they are trying to say, and how to express their content in the most cinematic way.   Every story is full of secrets. Discover the power and flow of your imagination   Transform your storytelling.

Do you recognize these needs?

  • My ideas aren’t good enough. Fear of failure. Lack of confidence.
  • Should I make a short film first?
  • Make a film of your own.
  • How do I structure a documentary film? Or a show-reel?
  • Working with conflict, the Dark Side, relationships.
  • My story doesn’t have a happy ending.



You will learn how to:

  1. Build a simple cinematic story
  2. Spark the potential energy of “What if?”
  3. Discover the Visual Story Design process.
  4. Develop original “Story Different”
  5. Grow characters: Why, When, How?
  6. Try to expand beats, scenes, storylines.
  7. Recycle Mistakes into Solution.
  8. Understand more of the media-world of story.

Danny Alegi – writer, filmmaker, editor, producer, author and entrepreneur.


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