ONE DAY: Story Different Seminar

Paticipants will learn the “Story Different” principles, skill and tools

  • what makes a good story
  • what makes a good story SMART.
  • What Story Development is.
  • How to know “what happens next?”
  • How to craft imaginative scenes and relationships
  • How to design solid storylines.
  • How to resolve structure, visually.
  • Understand creative exploration and limitation.
  • Practice the mix of the four winds of story: time, conflict,  change, choice.

What you can expect. The seminar helps find a personal approach to story design and development.

  • goes past the WHY feedback. We start from HOW? questions and a practical hands-on approach.
  • helps address creative blocks and sparks self-confidence and original solutions.
  • provides a “compass” for rapid orientation of plot, character, dialogue.
  • helps re-connect structure and improvisation
  • requires dedication and focus. Principles are no guarantee without will, desire, focus and energy


The course is suited for all writers, no prerequisites are required except will and passion to write screenplays. A laptop not necessary.Each writer gets individual attention, development practice, one-on-one mentorship, and lots of feedback.