The day has two parts: a seminar and a hands-on workshop.

The Seminar  9:30 – 12:00

Seminar participants learn visual structure, scene and character development and how to conquer the “what happens next?” dilemma.

  1. Build a simple cinematic story
  2. Spark the potential energy of “What if?”
  3. Discover the Visual Story Design process.
  4. Develop original “Story Different”
  5. Grow characters: Why, When, How?
  6. Try to expand beats, scenes, storylines.
  7. Recycle Mistakes into Solution.
  8. Understand more of the media-world of story.

The Workshop 13:00 – 16:00

Workshop participants work hands-on scene, story and character development. Ideas from works already in progress are welcome. The workshop is booked separately.

  • My ideas aren’t good enough. Fear of failure. Lack of confidence.
  • Should I make a short film first?
  • Make a film of your own.
  • How do I structure a documentary film? Or a show-reel?
  • Working with conflict, the Dark Side, relationships.
  • My story doesn’t have a happy ending.

The event leader

Daniel Alegi – filmmaker, author, cultural entrepreneur.

Daniel is a local-global workshops have been held around the world. In Sweden, Daniel served as a script consultant for Film I Värmland, and lead online script development on SFI’s Devoted platform. He teaches screenplay at Broby Grafiska and Film Practice at Karlstad University. Cinemahead is a regular collaborator of NUFF in Norway, and “Station Next” in Copenhagen.
Seating is limited to 24.


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