Wherse to find that original idea worth developing? How to find your own voice and tell your personal story? A blank page stares back at you?

StartUp your Story is the cinemahead approach to a writer’s workflow on cinematic story design. Some good helpful insights for writers and non.

Startup your Story is a 50+ page free ebook. Topics include Story development, Story Design, Idea recycling, Story Environments and Strategies. The ebook is written by Daniel Alegi, award-winning filmmaker, screenplay writer and CEO of Cinemahead, he’s got long experience of teaching film and scriptwriting practices.


What you’ll find


1.1 Personal Stories Get Made
1.2 Keep it simple
1.3 Recycle Ideas
1.4 Are your ides Cinematic

2.1 Story Development is…
2.2 What it
2.3 Blueprint the basics
2.4 What happens Now?
2.5 Characters need choices
2.6 Characters, not puppets

3. Story for the gut
3.1 Magic carpets and Stories

4. Story Design
4.1 Story, not pages
4.2 Evolving relationships
4.3 Story Maps
4.4 Prototyping
4.5 Dialogue later

5. The Darkness
5.1 The dark side
5.2 Pain as the engine of drama

6. Process
6.1 Know your own
6.2 Mistakes don’t kill
6.3 Bad scripts lead to good screenplays
6.4 Story Jazz
6.5 Happy ending

7. Tell your Story now
7.1 Stop Waiting for a perfect script
7.2 Quick
7.3 Find your crowd
7.4 Movies without cameras





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