Story Design

Villa Pianciani. Italy (Spoleto, Umbria)




 The Cinemahead Story Design workshop is suitable for storytellers interested in a development of scenes and stories intended for motion pictures. This workshop employs a story workbook for personal use, which helps understand new imaginative techniques. This aproach reinforces classic screen-writing texts and theories, adding value and concreteness to previous knowledge. However, no specific experience is required.

The schedule includes workbook story design, creative writing moments, observation and listening exercises, group work and evening screenings.

Each partcipant learns in one week:


- how-to make a good movie idea even stronger. 
- how-to find an ending,
- how-to deveop characters and plot. 
- how-to combine ideas and turn conflicts into solutions.


Participants are limited to a maximum of 8. A laptop is useful but not required.