Danny Alegi

Storyteller. Filmmaker. Startup Artist. Workshopper.

Co-founder of Cinemahead, 1999 in Santa Monica, CA.

Cinemahead is an open studio for collab story-development.  The community of students, writers and partner makers are nicknamed Cinemaheads.

Cinemahead storytelling services and inspiration talks are suited to organizations looking to pivot and redirect out of Covid19 storylines.

Physical headquarters:  Karlstad, Sweden.

Linkedin – Instagram –  Twitter

Juan A. Casaus

Juan Antonio Garcia:  founding member, co-author of  “Startup your Story” and post-production octopus at Netflix L.A.

Gianluca Dolfi

Gianluca Dolfi designs soundscapes with a shooter’s eye and award-winning editing chops. Based in Florence, Italy, you find his name attached to original brand storytelling and indie films.

Markus Helmersson

In fiction, doc and animation, Markus is a multitasking team player, and  creative passepartout.  His works have won awards around the world. Editor of the Cinemahead story making-of doc.

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