Cinemahead assists storytellers in the making-of cinematic stories.

Danny Alegi

A filmmaker, author, teacher, game designer, script doctor and serial startup artist. Launched Cinemahead, Franklinbros, Docmob and Scriptonite.  BA from Brown, MFA in film from UW-Milwaukee.

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Juan A. Casaus

Juan Antonio Garcia is co-author of the Cinemahead “Startup your Story” ebook and post-production semi-God at Netflix in Los Angeles.

Gianluca Dolfi

Gianluca is from Italy, based in Stockholm. A gifted sound designer with a shooter’s eye and smart cutting chops, he has made a name for himself  in short film and brand video storytelling.

Markus Helmersson

A natural personal storyteller in fiction, doc and animation, Markus is a multitasking team player, and all around creative passpartout.  Several of his works have won awards around the world.  

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