make your story happen.

blue ocean storytelling.

The evolution of personal storytelling.
Who it's for


Helping individuals to get their storyline right.


Giving groups of people advices to how to develop their ideas.


Developing Business presentations or Brand Identities.

Youth Cinema

How it works

  • 1

    Startup your story

    Your story idea wants to get off the ground. We are experts in short-form storytelling. Tap the orange button and make your movie go places.

  • 2

    Get Expert Feedback

    Have a free 15 min. session with us and our 25 year of experience. Let’s scan your story together and find its format. Could your story be a drama or a mobile series? We will suggest a way forward!

  • 3

    Develop your story

    Set a deadline. Design, write, fix your storylines, characters, scenes and dialogue. Create rewarding solutions and value with our proven story kit for short-form makers.

  • 4

    Find Solutions

    Make good choices, find what works. Repeat. Choose your production step, integration and sharing. 

  • 5

    Enjoy Happy Endings

    You moved from guesswork to flow and completed your story. Get rewarded with all the benefits that a finished story can give you. Content and rewards are yours. Choose your next story to tell.

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Blue ocean storytelling.

Unique way to structure and develop original cinematic stories

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Make your story happen

Fast, efficient and free tools for personal storytellers

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Start anywhere

Fixed fee services for pros, businesses and organizations

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