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You teach, lead  or coach using digital platforms. Learn story development tools for education, training and leadership.



What is your brand about? Crisis asks for self-evaluation, pivots and imaginative narratives.


Everyone has a story to tell. Develop your ideas into valuable content with story-kits and micro-courses.



Content Leaders

Choose the best strategy, format, medium so your work has power and impact.


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    Who’s your audience?

    Who is the dream audience for what you offer?

  • 2

    Where do they hang out?

    Start convos with your audience online, understand their needs.

  • 3

    Let a simple story do the talking

    Story is contagious. An emotion connects and opens doors.  

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    Make it good.

    Does it need to be more complex? Every iteration makes your story better.

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    Solutions and benefits made just for your needs.




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Online Workshops

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When someone needs help a story starts. Anywhere, anytime.

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Your storytelling is a process that bridges from crisis to rewards.

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Story adds value, experience and connection.

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If you have a vision or need one, start with Danny Alegi. 
He sees everything not as it is, but as what it can be.

Brian Donovan

Director: "Kelly's Hollywood"

Danny’s wonderful advice and nuggets of filmmaking wisdom have proven invaluable.

Jolomi Karlsson

award-winning documentary filmmaker
Thank you for inspiring me!

Sara Broos

award-winning filmmaker

Daniel inspires and motivates Youth Cinema.

Hermann Greuel

CEO at the Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF


Danny can speak in front of any size group with the same intuitive and perceptive sense  of how to push boundaries in film, story and art.

Cecelia Condit

Filmmaker - Film Professor Univ. Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Big fan of your book. A little Rimbaud (Illuminations?) and Dylan’s Tarantula. Your chapters are mini­-movies.

Duffy Hecht

Producer: "First, Last and Deposit" and "Edmond"

Tack for the workshop!

Lars Lerin

Thanks for a great day, the students were super-happy!

Matthias Gulwer

Media, Sundsta Gymnasiet, Karlstad Sweden
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