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Everyone has a story to tell, get help turning guesswork into workflow, staying away from development hell and delivering on time in your medium of choice.



You idea, your product and your brand. One story to tell with sustainable and contagious messaging.

Teachers & Coaches

Our storytelling practices are used in film schools, unis and youth workshops. Do you teach film or writing? Do you want to be a story coach with Cinemahead?


Join Cinemahead and get full access to StoryKit, Scriptonite and other tools & resources.


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    Find a story.

    Discover a new idea in the wild or find an old one in a zoo cage. What happens next is your story.

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    Pack a Story Kit

    Get what you need to develop your story and make it happen.

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    Open Studios.

    Make a movie that matters. Attract the support of your tribe of talented Cinemaheads.  

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    Make it different

    Experiment, discover, find voice and practice. Remix, Recycle, Sustain. Your story will be different, unlike any other.

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    Crowd rewards.

    Word of mouth makes a story contagious. Don't forget the making-of.  




Travel, read, meet and greet strangers. Curiously unfamiliar ideas don’t grow on Screens. Inspiration follows.

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Make even one movie and you’ll be a different person.

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Your know-how is valuable. Share it. Teach it.

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If you have a vision or need one, start with Danny Alegi. 
He sees everything not as it is, but as what it can be.

Brian Donovan

Director: "Kelly's Hollywood"

Danny’s wonderful advice and nuggets of filmmaking wisdom have proven invaluable.

Jolomi Karlsson

award-winning documentary filmmaker
Thank you for inspiring me!

Sara Broos

award-winning filmmaker

Daniel inspires and motivates Youth Cinema.

Hermann Greuel

CEO at the Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF


Danny can speak in front of any size group with the same intuitive and perceptive sense  of how to push boundaries in film, story and art.

Cecelia Condit

Filmmaker - Film Professor Univ. Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Big fan of your book. A little Rimbaud (Illuminations?) and Dylan’s Tarantula. Your chapters are mini­-movies.

Duffy Hecht

Producer: "First, Last and Deposit" and "Edmond"
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