What you can expect. The workshop…

  • helps find a personal approach to story design and development
  • goes past the WHY feedback. We start from HOW? questions and a practical hands-on approach
  • helps transform “writer-block” into original solutions
  • provides a “compass” to develop choices in the journey through plot, character, dialogue
  • helps re-imagine the relation between structure and improvisation
  • requires dedication and focus. Principles are no guarantee without will, desire, focus and energy
  • The workshop welcomes story tellers, educators and writers in any media, writing samples not required
  • Beware! This workshop increases self-confidence.

Topics the workshop focuses on

  • How do we develop stories
  • The “What happens now?” solution
  • Imaginative storylines
  • Review of classical storytelling approaches
  • Resources, principles and practice
  • Visual structure, place and direction
  • Understand creative exploration vs limitation
  • Crafting the good scene that works
  • Action, dialogue, relationships
  • Learn : film time, tempo, urgency

Each writer gets individual attention, development practice, one-on-one mentorship, and lots of feedback.

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