Movies by Cinemahead friends and partners

Kelly’s Hollywood

When I first met Brian and Kelly in Malibu, CA years ago, they were clearly more than siblings, they were together for the long haul. Thanks to this award-winning family masterpiece, Kelly’s Hollywood dream will never end. read more

American Movie

Chris Smith made the Sundance winner “American Movie” while we were graduate film students at UW-Milwaukee, the best underdog film school in the USA. I was making a short called “Czar Of Make Believe” at around the same time, so we ended up sharing an Arri 16mm camera and even another student actor, Mark Borchardt, who is now an indie celebrity.

Death Becomes Her

This cult film by Bob Zemekis starring Merryl Streep was written by Martin Donovan, a Cinemahead mentor, and Hollywood Alpha writer David Koepp. The story pioneered the transformation of identity quests (and aging) into a new hybrid genre in which the roots of comedy and tragedy are absurdly, and inseparably, for real.


In this section you’ll find books that have inspired me.

Maps Of the Imagination

In this exploration of the how and why of mapping, Prof. Peter Turchi reveals startling conceptual, graphical and utility differences between types of maps. War maps show specific targets and present accurate measurements while transit maps focus on direction, connection and efficiency using visual metaphor. read more

Save the Cat

The brainchild of Blake Schneider, Save the Cat gave the script world the first practical method for plot design, introducing the now widely used 15 beat system. The title, for me, refers to urgency, the time squeeze when characters are forced to take action, not just think about it.

Aesop’s Fables

Aesop’s fables are a must read for storytellers, short form fables with animals as human stand-ins, enchanting with their morality dilemmas and humor. read more

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