This is the part  where I  talk about WHY we all love and need story.

For many reasons, of course. But for me, the main BECAUSE is that story brings REWARDS. I don’t mean only material rewards, which of course any good storytellers (or pro in any field) will be grateful for. I also mean other rewards, like making some Experience, Growth, Friendship and sparking some kind of Light in yourself and in others.  Love is a reward but not as a prize, as a practice. Story is all about practice, you see. It’s work, done every day with dedication and passion. 

Why we think in story forms and who we try and make good?

 Because good story is both dynamic and cinematic. It’s Dynamic because it teaches to understand and appreciate change as th essence of life. Who got there first doesn’t matter, it’s a long game, not a sprint and whoever tries to defend a Status Quo, is not seeing change at all.. Good Story is cinematic because we thinking tremens of movies now. Books and newspapers get snubbed for being slow and too challenging. Folks put a mental straw into things, and just suck it up.  Cinematic storytelling is the type of story that is aware of how movies are made, with soundtracks, slow-motion or high speeds. Writers who write for moving images that embody change. That’s a path to good story.


Here are films to explore, and where to find them. 

Amarcord by Federico Fellini

The Breakfast Club –

400 Blows by Francois Truffeat

Nella Mischia by Gianni Zanasi

The Jungle Book by Walt Disney

Gummo by Harmony Korine


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