Inspiration comes by when you are curious and focused, and then let go. You run into a person or an event, a place or a feeling and you witness the beat of life. It doesn’t have to be pretty or sweet, or clean. Or simple. In Drama, good is a reward. Inspiration is a mix, a remix of the pleasure and pain, less and more, beauty and horror, love and ignorance. It comes together like campfire flames echoing the words of a sailor’s tale of a woman in a faraway land. Or of the miracles that floated him home. You take the warm light, just like you take breaths while you sleep. What did you find and where will it lead you?

Film is not for grabbing images, even if computers say so. Film releases back into the wild the magic beats you felt, as a storyteller. Story is an altruistic act, for the benefit of others. Troubadors told stories for food and shelter in times when personal horizons were limited. No distance was small, no communication easy without standards of words and structure. When horses were the fastest vehicle around, no one could dream of getting off the planet. Story was all that mattered and inspired art, science and religion. Aristotle first understood that the craft of story had to be practiced so that, as for the Greeks, Drama could inspire, educate and unite.

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