Inspiration is focus, play, pursuit.

If you are not looking for something, you won’t find it. Spend time with a place, a person, an object and maybe just maybe it will release beats of its story. With your help, your role as a witness. It doesn’t have to be pretty or sweet, or clean. Or simple. Inspiration is a remix of A, B and C into a stretch from pleasure to pain and back, from  less to and return. From beauty to horror and back. From love to ignorance and hate, and hopefully on to better things.

Campfire flames echoing words of a sailor’s tale, singing about a woman in a faraway land and of miracles that floated him home.  In the old days, mythical stories of strangers and travelers inspired regular folk to believe in being powers of  life.  Troubadors told stories for food and shelter in times when personal horizons were limited.Horses were the fastest vehicle around, no media, no. Story mattered and inspired art, science and religion with personal voice. Drama could inspire, educate and unite.

 Start anywhere.

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