Whether you need a keynote or a focus session for your startup’s storytelling, talks by Daniel inspire, challenge and provoke.
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For Orgs & Business

Innovation in Storytelling
Explore how to make the market fall in love with your philosophy, your mission, your tribe. Entrepreneurs are transforming their communication from one-way ads to fireside storytelling. Share your story, make it theirs.

Explore the power of engaging innovation told as enchanting story, with a strategy. Learn how story generates awareness, word-of-mouth support, theme loyalty and evangelism. Your own journey of transformation communicates identity and purpose. Become a protagonist in the digital-business Renaissance!

For Education & Media

The Lingo of Storytelling
Story literacy will soon be a required education subject! In the meantime, listen to Danny Alegi’s talk about the LINGO of storytelling and the craft of story design.

The path to personal and social engagement is often formatted by existing narrative paradigms, as layers of key knowledge and emotion remain untapped below the surface of global media reality. Story literacy can protect against diseases such as ignorance, apathy and addiction, all of which are deadly. This talk is also available, upon request, as a a recording for educational purposes.

For Youth Cinema

Make a story that matters
Youth Cinema forces around the world generate and promote non-profit film projects that recycle positive imaginative energy into the global screen of consciousness.

How? By learning practical skills and being curious about obstacles facing humanity.
Where? In school or non-profit environments, or on the bus. Youth is in motion, a generator of desire for change and growth with a natural revolutionary ambition to transform and evolve, putting creative synergies and stories in play. Make a story that matters, let it grow.

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