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You create a story, and Cinemahead provides an environment to develop it and a lot of proven resources that stimulate your originality, deepen  imagination, and dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete a cinematic stor, a screenplay, a film school project or a you tube series. , support and skills to tell a story well. This is why I started Cinemahead, a film company that supports makers in the key areas of cinematic storytelling: content, development, scenes. Send me a specific issue you have with a scene, a moment in your script, or with developing a conflict.

What is Cinemahead

Join a group that learns how to design a story and make a film together, crafting solid, meaningful scenes with focus on the cinematic (visual, physical, rhythmic). Participants practice daily with storytelling fundamentals from dramatic conflict to personal vision and performance.


Get introduced to SCRIPTONITE, a proven Cinemahead method for story development.


Danny has been coaching online since 2007.


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