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Story is the global mega-trend today. Everyone wants to be a storyteller, to share meaningful experiences with others. Drama is the primary code of storytelling, a standard for audiences and makers to explore the depth of human nature, its dreams and fears. We focus on the craft of cinematic storytelling: stories intended to become films, not books or paintings. The art and science of making scripts for movies is already the subject of hundreds of educational products, but most focus on industry-style script sale, following established rules of production and distribution. Cinemahead instad supports independent, personal, different film projects.
Good for solo makers, teams, development programs and even company retreats. Each workshop creates and completes at least one short film.
Discover the principles and tools for dramatic story design and character development. Learn the basics of the proven Scriptonite mathod that screenplay writers love. Read more

Danny Alegi’s coaching program trains story-makers to write, direct and edit films in the most cinematic way prossible. Available to students, amateurs and pros.


What Cinemahead offers

The Cinemahead workshop is in its 20th year! Be part of a group that learns how to create and make a short film together. We begin from the schematic process of turning an idea for film into a shootable story for the screen. We recycle ideas into stronger ones, and psychology into behavior. Participants practice how to craft solid, meaningful scenes developing relationships deeper. Rather than trying to make a surface plot, we focus on a visual, physical and show-don’t-tell way to make scenes to remember.

Participants practice storytelling problems and experience dramatic intention, personal vision, cinematography and physical performance. How to find the dramatic path to each scene’s proper climax?


In the one day Cinemaehad seminar DANNY introduces the fundamentals of his practical tools for story development: scriptonite. scriptonite helps developers, writers and business creatives develop ideas and structure raw material into cinematic story forms. scriptonite is a proven story-making coaching method. It is fast and dynamic with a visual focus on plot, scenes, beats, characters and dialogue. You don’t need to sacrifice quality for speed anymore, or imitate standard screenplay formulas. Danny Alegi created scriptonite based on the experience of his own Cinemahead workshops, which started in 1999. Read testimonials from award-winning producers and filmmakers.

Online courses
Danny his first online Cinemahead course in 2007, when he coached Scandinavian writers for the Swedish Film Institute. to Groups of 4 writers gathered in Skype sessions to get development feedback. In 2017, Danny’s scriptwriting courses will be hosted by Skrivakurser. One is a script analaysis course, the other a hands-on writing practice.


There are different ways to improve your storytelling for cinema. All include watching many different types of films, getting to know how filmmakers think and writing notes about films you see. However, this falls into the category of theory. What you need to write and make better films is to write and make better stories. Let’s say you’ve read the theory, e.e. books and manuals promising million dollar script sales, for example. Let’s say you tried your hand at writing the next blockbuster and had mixed results. Let’s assume you’re not making a living as a screenwriter, but still have not given up on the dream. Some of the writers and filkmmakers I mentor are alwas looking to improve either their content, or their process and efficiency. My coaching method has been very important for many now award-winning makes. I am quietly produ of their work in making not only good movie, but movies that matter to someone. Here is what I aoffer: try my one to one coaching system. Send me a specific issue you have with a scene, a momenet in your script, or with developing a conflict. We take in small bytes so you don’t have to worry about “telling” the whole plot at the outset. I will get back to you for a free 20 minute “good to meet you” skype session.


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