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You have a personal story to tell. I have a method and special resources to help you make it.
Tell an original and unforgettable story, no matter how simple or long. Join the crowd of filmmakers and storytellers who quickly develop simple cinematic ideas the Cinemahead way. Read more
Your storytelling is an instrument to practice and tune. Overcome your "what happens next?" dilemmas. Let your guesswork transform into a rewarding creative workflow. Read more
Follow seminars, workshops, and online courses,  custom coaching programs and, soon, our app Scriptonite. Suitable for individuals and development teams. Read more

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It takes imagination, time, commitment, support and skills to tell a story well. This is why I started Cinemahead, a film company that supports makers in the key areas of cinematic storytelling: content, development, scenes. Send me a specific issue you have with a scene, a moment in your script, or with developing a conflict.

The workshop

Join a group that learns how to design a story and make a film together, crafting solid, meaningful scenes with focus on the cinematic (visual, physical, rhythmic). Participants practice daily with storytelling fundamentals from dramatic conflict to personal vision and performance.

Your story

Get introduced to SCRIPTONITE, a proven Cinemahead method for story development.

Online courses

Danny has been coaching online since 2007.


These 3 e-books are yours using the free "Pay with a Tweet" system.

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Meet the people that are going to take your storytelling to the next level.
Danny Alegi


Storyteller, Cinemahead. Maker of Scriptonite®

Nelson Alegi


Social interaction organizer. Seeker of all things contagious.

Juan Casaus Garcia

Film VFX

Award-winning filmmaker, Media specialist.

Markus Helmersson

Award-winning fIlmmaker, in medias-res and making-of.

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